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Pope Francis: telegrams to Heads of State on flight from Rome to Panama

(Foto Vatican Media/SIR)

On his flight to Panama, as he flew over France, Spain, Portugal, Santa Maria (Azores-Portugal), the ocean waters of the US and Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands Antilles, and finally Colombia, Pope Francis sent telegrams to the respective Heads of State. To the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, he conveyed his “cordial greetings” and prayer that God may grant “peace, strength and divine blessings to France”. In his greetings to the King of Spain Philip VI, the Pope invoked “the blessing of Almighty God upon the nation”, praying that He may grant it “peace and well-being”. In another message to the President of the Portuguese Republic, Marcelo Rebelo De Sousa, the Pontiff entrusted “the nation to the care of Almighty God”, invoking upon the “people of Portugal the blessings of joy and peace”. As he flew over the ocean waters of the US and Puerto Rico, the Pontiff addressed President Donald Trump, sending his “cordial greetings” to him and to his fellow citizens, praying that God may grant them “peace and well-being”. To the president of the Dominican Republic Danilo Medina Sanchez, the Pope offered his “best wishes” to him and his “fellow citizens” with the assurance of his “prayers for the peace and prosperity of the nation”. To the King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, and its citizens, Pope Francis extended his greetings, “praying that Almighty God may bless” them all. Finally, to the President of the Republic of Colombia, he offered his greetings and “the divine blessings of peace and strength”.

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