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Europe: mgr. Semeraro (Albano), “those who say they want to promote the Christian roots do not preach a return to faith”

“A majority of Europeans (and, of course, ‘Italians’) keeping saying they are Christian sounds somewhat paradoxical, as they have nothing to do with faith any longer”. This has been written by mgr. Marcello Semeraro, bishop of Albano, in the leading article on the diocesan monthly magazine “Millestrade” (out these days), referring to “Is Europe Christian?”, a book by sociologist Olivier Roy. Then, quoting another one of his books, “Holy Ignorance”, the prelate looks at “modern fundamentalisms”, which “vie for leadership on the market of religions, where their differences are exacerbated and their practices standardised”. “They assert God but disregard man; at the right time, they have no qualms about letting him die”. From there, his reflections move on to the text of the sociologist, who noticed a change. “Roy answers that the most important and most serious one is the separation between the values of society and the values of Christianity. References to values have disappeared. Actually, it is the values themselves that have dissolved”. “The Christian identity is no longer faith in Christ, so that’s why it is precisely those who say they want to promote the Christian roots that do not preach a return to faith at all. They are not churchgoers themselves – the bishop states – At most, they are clever advocates of a folkloric form of religious phenomena”. Mentioning the first “value” that should be promoted, the bishop states that “it is man”. “Man’s bewilderment certainly prevents him from reaching God. ‘Man is the way of the Church’, John Paul II wrote. Without man, though, the Church has no ways to go any more. So, for the Church, man’s bewilderment is much more serious than a decrease in churchgoing or even in religious culture”.

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