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Abuse: Card. Parolin, “Holy Father took concrete measures to prevent it”

“The phenomenon of abuse cannot but cause bitterness and pain. It calls the entire Church to a profound reflection in order to ensure that this scourge is eradicated. And should new cases arise, no one must neglect the primary duty to protect the victims”. The Vatican Secretary of State, Card. Pietro Parolin, said this in an interview with Mauro Ungaro, director of “Voce Isontina”, the weekly of the Archdiocese of Gorizia, relayed by SIR news agency. “The Holy Father has implemented a series of concrete measures aimed at making sure that there is no room in the Church for those abuses of power and conscience, which had allowed, in a context of ‘spiritual abyss’, even sexual abuse”, the prelate added. Recalling the meeting of the presidents of the Bishops’ Conferences in Rome at the end of February, the cardinal said that “we need to accompany this Papal initiative with prayer and, at the same time, we should not give in to despair”. According to the Vatican Secretary of State, “we must fight evil with all available means, starting with a special focus on the formation of the clergy”. Commenting on the Pope’s serenity, “despite the dark clouds”, the cardinal argued that “it comes from the fact that he is fully confident that, thanks to everyone’s commitment, reflection and prayer, and above all with God’s help, there will be a just conclusion to this sad chapter”.

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