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The Netherlands: “Kerkbalans”, churches raising funds to support local Christian communities until 3 February

Communities and parishes of the Catholic, Protestant and Old Catholic Churches in the Netherlands have started their traditional annual fundraising campaign known as  “Kerkbalans” (until 3 February). It is the biggest fundraising campaign in the Netherlands aimed at supporting initiatives and activities run by local communities throughout the year. The ringing of Church bells marked the beginning of the fundraising on Saturday, 19 January. A survey conducted among local team members involved in the campaign showed that “taking care of one another” was what the local community appreciated the most, followed by “the organization of significant celebrations”. Focusing on these two “added values”, the volunteers will seek to raise awareness among the faithful, encouraging them to make donations. In presenting “Kerkbalans”, the President of the Bishops’ Conference and Bishop of Rotterdam, Mgr. Hans Van Den Hende, said it “is a long tradition of the Church to turn to its members for support”, a tradition that began with the Apostle Paul. Making a donation “means that you, as a member of the Church, by your involvement, also contribute to supporting the Church community, an instrument of the Lord in our world”.

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