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Abuse: February meeting in the Vatican. Gisotti, it will be “an assembly of Pastors, not an academic conference”

(Foto Siciliani-Gennari/SIR)

“The February Meeting on the protection of minors has a concrete purpose: the goal is that all of the Bishops clearly understand what they need to do to prevent and combat the worldwide problem of the sexual abuse of minors. Pope Francis knows that a global problem can only be resolved with a global response”. And he “wants it to be an assembly of Pastors, not an academic conference – a meeting characterized by prayer and discernment, a catechetical and working gathering”. Alessandro Gisotti, ad interim director of the Vatican press office, said this at a press conference today, immediately after the release of a statement on the meeting “The protection of minors in the Church” to take place in the Vatican. “It is fundamental for the Holy Father – Gisotti explained – that when the Bishops who will come to Rome have returned to their countries and their dioceses that they understand the laws to be applied and that they take the necessary steps to prevent abuse, to care for the victims, and to make sure that no case is covered up or buried. Regarding the high expectations that have been created around the Meeting, it is important to emphasize that the Church is not at the beginning of the fight against abuse. The Meeting is a stage along the painful journey that the Church has unceasingly and decisively undertaken for over fifteen years”. Gisotti also announced that the final Eucharistic celebration will take place on Sunday morning, and the penitential liturgy on Saturday afternoon. Also, there will be a press conference on 18 February to provide further details about the meeting in February, during which the Vatican press office will be holding regular daily briefings, with simultaneous interpretation in various languages.

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