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Migration: Avramopoulos (EU Commission), “let’s not fool ourselves”, let governments play their part. Reforming the Dublin Regulation, now”

(Strasbourg) “This is the time for governments to take responsibility”: Dimitris Avramopoulos, EU Commissioner for migration, places emphasis on the urgent need for reforming the asylum regulation, on which the European Parliament and the EU Commission have by now reached an agreement, which however was stopped by the governments of the member states. From Strasbourg, where the plenary meeting of the European assembly is taking place, he states: “Let’s not fool ourselves. 49 people at sea, for three weeks. An even more shameful fact if we think it happened at Christmas … The European Union needs to have a common migration policy. The countries where migrants land first must not be left alone”. Then, he thanks Malta, which despite being so small is taking in the migrants who come from Africa through the Mediterranean route. He explains that yesterday he went to Rome to talk with the Italian Minister of the Interior, Salvini. Then, he points out: “The EU is built on solidarity and human rights. If they fail, Europe fails”. “That’s why a common approach” to migration “needs to be created”, “because, even if the number of migrants landing here has definitely decreased, migrants will still keep coming”. And he says: “even if the number of arrivals has decreased, a hostile climate and political resistance remain”, which is also embraced by several governments, “which does not help cope” with the situation. Hence a new call to change the Dublin Regulation and create a migration policy within the EU.


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