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20th anniversary of the euro: Draghi (ECB), “joining forces in the interest of the future generations”. Completing the EMU

(Strasbourg) “In some countries, not all the benefits of the euro have been fully accomplished. This is partly due to the fact that national reforms are required, and this is true of any monetary system, to produce sustainable growth; and partly because the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) “is still incomplete”. This was pointed out by Mario Draghi, president of the ECB, in Strasbourg, during the ceremony that celebrates two decades in the life of the single currency. According to Draghi, “great progress has been made after the crisis” of 2008, “but more needs to be done”; “there is no alternative to a future in which we will keep joining forces to make our Economic and Monetary Union an even stronger driver of prosperity for all its member states”. “Today, we reap all the benefits of their efforts, and we want the future generations of Europeans to benefit from our efforts too. Today, we have the duty to end what was started two decades ago”.


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