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Venezuela: Tajani, “European Parliament does not recognise Maduro regime. The will of the people is the National Assembly”

(Brussels) “I have just spoken with Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, the only Assembly we recognise”. In a video posted on Twitter, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, reveals he has been in contact with President Guaido on the eve of Nicolas Maduro’s inauguration, who will be sworn-in for a second, six-year term as president of Venezuela. “Maduro’s mandate is illegitimate. As European Parliament, we will continue to fight for the release of political prisoners and democracy in Venezuela”, Tajani posted on Twitter. Some of the words spoken by Tajani during the phone call are also audible in the video: “I believe it is important to send a message to the National Assembly of Venezuela; we recognise only the Assembly. And as European Parliament, we do not recognise Maduro regime”, Tajani said, “because there were no regular elections and there is no rule of law”. “We cannot work with the opposition in jail, we cannot recognise a regime in which citizens and children are dying of hunger”. Finally, Tajani told Guaido: “The will of the people is the National Assembly”.

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