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Spain: “Paul VI Reflection Centre” opening soon. “Pontiff made great contribution to transforming ecclesial life” in Spain

The Spanish Foundation named after Pope Montini will be opening a “Paul VI Reflection Centre” in Madrid. The Centre “will not only be tasked with historical research and with restoring the memory” of Pope Montini, but will also be the starting point for “reflection on social and political issues related to social cohesion in Spain; addressing the issues of modernisation, globalization, pluralism; and answering questions about the meaning of human life”, a statement from the Foundation reads. Specific attention will be devoted to the “influence of Paul VI’s pontificate on Spain”: Pope Montini “knew well the political situation in Spain in the second half of the sixties and the first half of the seventies, the situation of the Church in Spain and the clashes with the Franco regime”. “His Pontificate made a great contribution to the internal transformation of ecclesial life in Spain, despite the prejudices that still exist about Montini’s connection with Spain”, by reason of “ignorance of Paul VI’s figure”. The official opening of the Centre will take place on 20 September with a round table on “Paul VI, memory and reconciliation”. The Centre has already taken some steps with the “Insights into Paul VI”, a series of reflections written by university professors, politicians, theologians, journalists and people in charge of pastoral and social ministry on the themes dear to the magisterium of Paul VI, who will be canonised in October.

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