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CCEE: European bishops in Poland to speak about solidarity. Volunteering report illustration

Four days in Poland to debate solidarity in Europe. That will be the theme of the plenary assembly of the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE), to be held from 13 to 16 September in Poznan. On invitation by Msgr. Stanisław Gądecki, Archbishop of Poznan, President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference and Vice President of CCEE, the ecclesiastical assembly is thus taking place. The presidents of all bishops’ conferences representing 45 countries in the Continent will take part in it. The appointment in the land of John Paul II is to celebrate the 100th anniversary of new Polish independence. Moreover, in Poznan, the 1050th anniversary of the first bishopric in Poland is celebrated, exactly in Poznan, the first diocese of current Poland. Father Wojciech Sadłon, member of the Institute of Statistics of the Catholic Church in Poland will open the works of the first session, with the subject:“Europe: solidarity in the shaping of consciences and society”; he will present a summary of the investigation on volunteering, promoted by CCEE and carried out in these months through bishops’ conferences. Bishops will continue their reflections through study groups, and then, in assemblies.

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