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Germany: bishops’ plenary meeting, items on the agenda to include abuse by clergy, migrants and Synod on Young People

The autumn plenary meeting of the German Bishops Conference (Dbk) will be held in Fulda from September 24th to 27th. There will be 66 members of the Bishops Conference, chaired by the president, cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich-Freising. Discussions will focus on the presentation of the final report on the survey started in 2013 about “Child sexual abuse by Catholic priests, deacons and men of religion in the area of the German Bishops Conference”. After a joint discussion on September 25th, the bishops will hold a press conference, which will also be attended by some of the experts in mental health, gerontology and criminology who have been involved in the survey. The bishops’ meeting will also address the current issues of refugees and asylum seekers, and the preparations for the forthcoming Synod on Young People. Half a day will be spent in a theological discussion, “Faith in God and God’s speech in the XXI century”. The apostolic nuncio to Germany, archbishop Nikola Eterović, will be there too. Guests will include mgr. Jan Kopiec, bishop of Gliwicwe, Poland. The Dbk meeting will be the first official event of the German Church to use the new ecclesial regulations on the protection of sensitive data, which will apply to the filming and disclosure of live pictures and photographs under the new provisions.

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