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Work: Brussels, an international conference promoted by Comece, Eesc and Ilo

(Brussels) An interreligious conference about the future of work: it is proposed on November 27th by Comece (Commission of EU Bishops Conferences), Eesc (European Economic and Social Committee) and Ilo (International Labour Organisation, which celebrates its 100th anniversary). The aim is to “discuss the changes occurred in the job market from a confessional perspective”. “The job market – the promoters explain – is undergoing dramatic change. Several processes and innovations, such as digitalisation, globalisation, artificial intelligence as well as the need for an ecological transition, are changing the conditions and our understanding of work and employment”. The event will take place at the European Economic and Social Committee (rue van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels) on November 27th, bringing together 150 delegates from churches, Christian organisations and other religious organisations, as well as delegates from Brussels-based EU institutions and organisations. On the occasion, Comece explains, mgr. Antoine Hérouard will present the reflections of Comece’s Commission for Social Development about the future of work, which will be published by the end of September.

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