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UK: an ecumenical forum in Derbyshire, “Churches Together in England”. “Christ reaches us through pain as well”

(London) At the “Forum 2018” of “Churches Together in England” that is being held in Derbyshire, the three Christian leaders – cardinal Vincent Nichols (Catholic), Justin Welby (Anglican) and Angaelos (Orthodox) – told three personal stories that prove “how Christ reaches us through pain”. The Catholic primate told the story of a couple who decided to opt out of the abortion recommended by their doctors for a child that might come to life with lots of deformities and the way that couple still wanted their child to be born and be hugged. The Anglican archbishop, Justin Welby, explained how some members of his Church accused him of wanting to polarise his country because it asked for more tax for the wealthier and the tech giants such as “Google” to help the poorer with injections of money into the public sector. The Orthodox leader, Angaelos, told about that manager who, despite having lost everything in the financial crisis ten years ago, “has taken root in Christ” and has turned into “a rock for his family”. During the meeting, they never stopped mentioning ecumenism and “those divisions”, the three leaders said, “that prevent us reaching Christ’s body”.

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