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Spain: the Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba explains, “the Mezquita estate has been owned by the Catholic Church since 1236”

“Many legal bodies and the administration have acknowledged that the monumental estate of the Cathedral has been owned by the Catholic Church since 1236”, “in a public, uncontroversial and uninterrupted way”. This is written in a notice of the Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba in response to a report submitted on September 15th by an “expert committee hired by the Municipal Council of Cordoba”, claiming the monumental estate to be “public property” and therefore “entitling the Municipal Council” to take legal action, consistently with “its official duty to defend the public heritage”. In its long life, the precious “Mezquita”, one of Andalusia’s architectural gems, was a Visigoth basilica, then a mosque of the Caliphate of Cordoba and, after the “Spanish reconquest”, a Catholic Cathedral. In response to the Report, the Chapter lines up a number of dates, mentions and records in support of such ownership. “It’s amazing”, the Chapter’s notice says, that based on such Report the Municipal Council “may claim ownership to it”. “The Report provides no legal argument” or “records” in support of such assumption, and “its claims are based on merely ideological arguments”. The Cathedral Chapter “asks politicians and institutions to take responsibility so as not to fuel this misleading controversy, which is only dividing the population”. The Catholic community of Cordoba “is entitled, like any Catholic community anywhere in the world, to have its own cathedral as a place of worship for the entire diocesan community”.

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