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European Council: Summit in Salzburg. Tusk, “act responsibly on Brexit to avoid a catastrophe”

(Brussels) “On Thursday, we will focus on collective efforts to ensure a high level of security in Europe. The objective is to upgrade police and judicial cooperation, to strengthen border security and to ensure resilience in cyberspace”. Donald Tusk outlined the topics for discussion at the EU informal meeting that will take place in Salzburg on 19 and 20 September. The lunch at 27 on Thursday will be dedicated to discussing Brexit with chief negotiator Michel Barnier. “With only six months to go before the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU, we are entering the final weeks of negotiations. Therefore, I want us to review progress in these talks and to discuss the way forward with three objectives in mind”, Tusk pointed out. “First, we should reach a common view on the nature and overall shape of the joint political declaration about our future partnership with the UK”. Second, “we will discuss how to organise the final phase of the Brexit talks, including the possibility of calling another European Council in November”. Third, the summit should explore how to avoid a hard border between the two Irelands. “Let me recall that limiting the damage caused by Brexit is our shared interest. Unfortunately, a no deal scenario is still quite possible. But if we all act responsibly, we can avoid a catastrophe”.

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