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Russia: mgr. Pickel (Bishops’ President), a letter of solidarity to the Pope, that he may have “the strength to keep testifying to truth and love”

The Bishops of the Bishops Conference of the Russian Federation wrote a letter to Pope Francis to express “solidarity and support to the reforming process” started by the Pope and “sincere gratitude” for Francis’s “Letter to the People of God” that he wrote on August 20th about abuse: in that letter, the Russian Bishops write, “we see his concern for the Church and above all for its more vulnerable children”. Clemens Pickel, Bishop of Saratov and president of the Bishops Conference, writes also that, “for us, the recent attacks you suffered, which went so far as to ask you to resign, are a source of concern”. The four Bishops of the Russian Federation ensure Pope Francis that they will pray that God may give him “the strength to keep testifying to truth and love”; and they end: “We also pray for those who are attacking you and who, in so doing, distort the image of the Church in modern society. May the Lord convert their hearts”.

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