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EU Parliament: Morawiecki (Poland’s Prime Minister), “in our country magistracy and media are free. We are supported by our people”

(Strasbourg) “We have saved our country from oligarchy. The press is free and plural in our country. The same goes for justice and the rule of law. We fight the “VAT mafias” and tax evasion, and with that money we have defeated child poverty. The unemployment rate is 4%, the GDP is growing, debt and deficit are decreasing. We have the Polish Parliament and voters as our strongest supporters, more than any other European country can say. There’s freedom in our country”. The Prime Minister of Poland, Marteusz Morawiecki, gives a speech at the European Parliament gathered in Strasbourg for its plenary session during a debate about the future of the EU. He gives a long speech, in which he mentions “a Europe of Nations according to De Gaulle’s view” and John Paul II’s “Europe with two lungs”. At the end of his speech, a barrage of criticism comes from the party whips, who point out to him “that today’s Poland has grown distant from the principles of the European Union”, especially in terms of balance of powers, freedom of the magistracy and press, no efforts for migration. So, in his answers, Morawiecki gets het up: “We fight to strengthen the European Union, which must be reformed”. In Poland, “we keep Atlanticism alive against the anti-American feelings that run through Europe”. “We are one of the few NATO countries that spends 2% in defence, as we all should do, to strengthen Europe’s defence”. As to migration: “Migrants and refugees must be helped at home, we must protect the external borders and support the external regional borders of the EU. When we speak of homing migrants, we make the African countries weaker, because the best, most capable young people – he adds – come from Africa”.

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