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Austria: Seggau, meeting of member bishops of the Focolari Movement to “explore the charisma of unity”

The meeting of the member bishops of the Focolari Movement will be starting in Seggau today. Until August 1st, 64 bishops (including cardinals of the Curia and apostolic nuncios) from 31 countries and four continents will have “a few days’ experience as a universal Church among bishops in Styria”, reads a release on the website of the Austrian diocese. The meeting will be hosted by bishop Wilhelm Krautwaschl. “The tradition of these episcopal meetings began decades ago, when the founder of the Focolari Movement, Chiara Lubich (1920-2008), invited some bishops related to the Movement to spend a few days in Switzerland in summer”, the notice says. Then, it was the late bishop of Aachen, mgr. Klaus Hemmerle, who started and chaired these meetings, which are “deliberately private in character” and take place every year, but in different places. The purpose of the meeting is to “explore the charisma of unity, cultivate international exchanges of bishops, and spend a few days in fraternal communion”. On Saturday, July 28th, bishop Krautwaschl and his bishop brothers will be officiating Mass in the basilica of Seckau, “which all those who wish to attend are invited to”. In Austria, the Movement has 1,300 members and over 20 thousand supporters.

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