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+++ Migrants: CEI, no to “cheap solutions”, yes to “culture of reception” +++

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“As Pastors of the Church, we do not claim to offer cheap solutions. With respect to what is happening, however, we do not intend to turn our eyes away, nor do we want to back disrespectful remarks and aggressive behaviour. We cannot let concerns and fears influence our decisions, determine our responses, and foster a climate of distrust and contempt, of anger and rejection”. The Presidency of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) wrote this in a statement that has just been released, following yet another tragedy of migrants dying at sea. “The glassy and glazed eyes of those who have been pulled in extremis from the abyss which has claimed many other human lives – the CEI Presidency wrote, referring to Josephine – give us a picture of what is just the latest in a series of tragedies that cannot leave us indifferent. We feel responsible for this army of poor people, victims of war and hunger, of deserts and torture. These painful stories of men, women and children – while preventing us from closing borders and lifting barriers – challenge us to dare solidarity, justice and peace. As Bishops, the statement reads, “inspired by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we continue to give voice to those who have none. We walk with our Christian communities, living out a culture of reception based on true fraternity. We look with gratitude to those who – beside and with us -, by their generosity, are a sign of compassion, farsightedness and courage, and builders of an inclusive culture capable of protecting, promoting and integrating”. There is “no doubt”, the statement ends, that “the way of preventing our own humanity from becoming savage and barbaric is the way of commitment to protecting life. Every life. Starting with the most vulnerable, humiliated and trampled on”.

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