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Ireland: “Mass of the family” by Tom Conroy. Mgr. Nulty, “to celebrate the family and welcome Pope Francis in just over a month’s time”

“Aifreann na Clainne”, that is, the “Mass of the family”, is the title of the latest composition by Irish author Tom Conroy, which was performed in the studios of the Irish Radio and Television (RTE) yesterday, Sunday 15 July. The Mass was presided over by the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Mgr. Denis Nulty, and the music accompaniment was sung by a “family of choirs”, that is, by four different choirs singing together. It is “a Mass to celebrate family, a Mass to welcome Pope Francis and our visiting delegations in just over a month’s time”, said Bishop Nulty. “Imagine if all who come to the World Meeting next month, all who attend the Papal events around that global gathering of faith, were truly present to our Church, to our faith communities, what a vibrant Sunday celebration we would have in each and every parish!”. Commenting on the Sunday Gospel in which Jesus sends the disciples out two by two, the Bishop also made reference to those priests today who sometimes find “the going out in pairs a bit challenging”. Since “there are fewer priests to team up with – he said -, it is so often much more convenient to do things alone, to plough a solitary furrow in a field, and very much to live on one’s own”. According to Mgr. Nulty a “challenge for the priesthood of 2018” is precisely “companionship” with other priests, which is often “sacrificed at the altar of personal comfort”, burying loneliness “in the pursuit of the material”, which is “miles away from Gospel values”.

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