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NATO summit: Marrone (Iai), “supporting the European Union in patrolling the Mediterranean Sea”

“Trump raised his voice so he could say that he pressured Europeans into spending more. But this is not true, because it had all been approved before”. This has been claimed by Alessandro Marrone, in charge of the “Defence” and “Security” programmes at IAI (Istituto affari internazionali), at the end of the NATO summit in Brussels. As to the US leaving NATO, Marrone states: “A few days ago, the US Senate passed a motion to support NATO, with 97 votes for and 2 votes against. Congress does not want to withdraw from the Treaty signed 70 years ago. However, Trump can threaten to reduce military efforts within NATO, and this would be very bad, though unlikely. Too many are the benefits that the USA get from NATO, actually”. In addition, it is important that a common European defence system be established “to better support security within NATO and have a more balanced relationship with the United States. The European countries should not only increase their military expenditure, which is actually very little, they should also make joint investments in military capability and equipment so they could take action even in the places the USA are not interested in”. Finally, according to Marrone, “NATO should have a more far-ranging approach, for instance by helping the European Union patrol the Mediterranean Sea, so that the smuggling of migrants may be fought”.

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