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Spain: Jesuit fathers, Migrant service’s report on “internment camps for foreigners”

Over these days, “Unnecessary suffering”, a report edited by the Spanish Jesuit Migration Service (Sjm-E), available online (, is being presented in several cities across Spain. The report sheds light on the situation of “Internment camps for foreigners” (Cie), defined as “Centres of suffering”, where over 8 thousand people (including 48 children) out of the 28,572 people who had illegally entered Spain were locked up in 2017. “The model of the CIEs, which comes from an authoritarian, repressive law, will not only take away the freedom of people who have committed no crimes, it will also translate into seclusion, into establishments that are worse off than jails”, Ramiro García de Dios Ferreiro, a magistrate, wrote in the foreword. They are “intensively, stressfully supervised by police, largely supported by discretionary, arbitrary decisions”. The report is based on the visits that teams of Jesuit fathers took in the CIEs of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Algeciras and Tarifa, and works out a few “recommendations”.

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