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Guatemala: volcanic eruption. Bishops: “a tragedy that adds up to an already difficult political and social situation”. May the Government give “effective, comprehensive answers”

Yesterday, the Bishops Conference of Guatemala issued a release on the tragedy caused by Volcán de Fuego, signed by its president, mgr. Gonzalo de Villa y Vásquez, Bishop of Sololá-Chimaltenango, and by its general secretary, mgr. Domingo Buezo Leiva, apostolic vicar of Izabal, saying they are “worried about the pain of so many Guatemalan brothers and sisters, who have lost their loved ones, their belongings and their peace of mind to the unpredictable force of nature”.

“We are aware – the Bishops go on – that this tragedy adds up to the already difficult political and social situation of the country and worsens the poverty and problems of survival in which most of the population live”.

Aware through our faith “that ordeals are chances to growth in our trust in God and in mutual solidarity”, the Bishops Conference calls “all the parish communities, and above all those who work in social pastoral services, to give their all to help overcome the current situation, as far as they can, and organise, with the assistance of public and private organisations, the aids programmes required both now and in the long run. We think that long-term responses are the most challenging ones, and hopefully the Government will fulfil its duty to give effective, comprehensive answers”.

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