Denmark: Copenhagen, pro-life association “Retten til liv” promoting an anti-abortion rally. “Don’t leave women alone”

45 years after the legalisation of abortion in Denmark, the pro-life association “Retten til liv” calls everyone to join in a rally in downtown Copenhagen on Saturday June 9th to “give visibility” to the 3 thousand children who every year are not born in the capital city’s hospitals, to “help save lives from abortion” and support “women so that they will not be left alone or put under pressure” but may be free to decide what they really want. On those same hours, a counter-rally will be staged by the women’s rights association “Min krop mine regler”. “We respect the position of this group”, said the national secretary of “Retten til liv”, Ellen Højlund Wibe, “but we wonder why the ambition to create a space, respect and equality for women and children in our society cannot be shared. The counter-rally proves how important it is to defend everyone’s value”. A parade will run through the centre of the capital from the Church of Kingos to the Town Hall. After a speech by pastor Henrik Højlund, married with five children, the message will be launched with 3 thousand balloons at 03.30 pm: “Every balloon is the wish of a child who may be saved from abortion. A mother must get the help and respect she needs to give birth to her child”.


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