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European Council: Tusk, a letter of invitation to the 28 leaders. The risk of populism, EMU reform, Brexit

(Brussels) “There are rumours in Europe and in the rest of the world saying that our inefficiency in protecting our external borders is inherent in the European Union or more generally in liberal democracy”. In his letter of invitation to the 28 heads of state and government for the summit taking place in Brussels tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, Tusk goes on to consider populist and nationalist episodes. “We have seen new political movements coming up that offer easy answers to the most complicated questions. Easy, radical and attractive. The refugee crisis gives them more and more arguments”. “More and more people are starting to think that only a strong, anti-European and illiberal authority that tends to be authoritarian can stop the wave of illegal migrants”. If the EU citizens think that’s the only way to “provide an effective solution to the refugee crisis”, they will also think anything else they are told. In his letter, Tusk mentions the other items on the agenda as well, such as the Economic and Monetary Union and the Banking Union, the multiannual financial framework, Brexit and international trade.

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