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Pope Francis to WCC: Br. Alois (Taizé), “Christians lose credibility when they speak of a God of love while remaining divided”

“Christians lose credibility when they speak of a God of love while remaining divided. There was a time when, in the name of the truth of the Gospel, Christians became divided. Today, in the name of the truth of the Gospel, it is essential that they reconcile. May the meeting in Geneva encourage all Christians to build, together with others, a civilization founded on trust”. Brother Alois, prior of the ecumenical community of Taizé, wrote this in an article about the Pope’s visit to the World Council of Churches (WCC). The article, to which SIR news agency was given early access, will be published tomorrow in “La Tribune de Genève”. Br. Alois, who will be in Geneva, calls the Holy Father’s “ecumenical pilgrimage” a “milestone in the path to Christian unity”, and recalls that the founders of both the World Council and the Taizé Community “were moved by the same passion for unity. They had a vision for the divided Churches, that of a new stage in the journey, a stage of communion and fraternity among Christians, to foster peace on earth beyond the conflict that had torn the world apart. Even Pope Francis, from the beginning of his ministry, has spared no efforts to revive that desire for unity, and his visit to Geneva “could help Christians reflect on a number of points”. Br. Alois suggests some: how can differences “become a source of mutual enrichment?”; “how to make sure that respect for a healthy diversity will never alter the dynamics of unity?”. And also: “In many regions of the world today, the assertion of one’s identity and nationality seems to prevail over the sense of belonging to the same human family. By embracing a unity that transcends all boundaries, will Christians be able to show that we all need one another?”. Taizé invites the Churches to find “more opportunities” to “pray and share together” than those offered in the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. And he concludes: “Let us do all we can together”.

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