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Euthanasia in Portugal: 4 bills of law rejected. The Bishops, “life and democracy have won”

“The Portuguese Bishops Conference congratulates on the rejection of the bills of law for the legalisation of euthanasia at the Assembly of the Republic”. It is in a notice from the general secretary of the Portuguese Bishops Conference, father Manuel Barbosa, that the Catholic Church expressed its satisfaction for the outcome of the Parliamentary vote that yesterday turned down the four bills of law for the decriminalisation of euthanasia. “Life has won”, because it should never “be voted on” so that it can be taken away. “Democracy and all those who have fought to defend life have won too”, Barbosa goes on, meaning the social institutions, the Catholic professional associations and the religious confessions that “had taken a joint position against euthanasia”. He has words of gratitude also for “the proactive role” played by “all the Christian communities and their leaders in this pro-life process through prayer and awareness”. Quoting the cardinal-patriarch of Lisbon, Manuel Clemente, father Barbosa insists on the need for a “supportive, palliative society in which everyone may feel protected”. “Life”, Barbosa goes on, “is an absolute asset and as such it must be absolutely protected and promoted”.

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