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EU Parliament: plenary session discussing the future of Europe, underage migrants and freedom of the press


(Brussels) “We are challenged by a new paradigm. The Europe that protected us from war and gave us development is now associated with crisis, globalisation, Brexit. Europe’s added value is instead effective and real, though it is not perceptible and shared. We are facing a crisis of confidence, which is key to democracy, to the agreement between citizens and institutions”. With these words, this morning the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel, opened the plenary session of the European Parliament, where he was invited to take part in a debate about the future of Europe. “I am a committed, staunch European but I am not naïve”, he states. “Our citizens’ minds and hearts need to be won over with an ideal and with effective results: peace, security, freedom, democracy, welfare, sound and strong ambitions, these ones, that we have inherited, promises that we need to meet every day. That’s why the time has come to make a choice”. Michel then developed his arguments about the future of a Europe that takes action through the joint efforts of the member states and the European Union, making “everyone’s solidarity meet each one’s responsibility”. Today, the plenary session will be dealing with the problem of underage migrants, who must be entitled to receive medical care and education, and will vote on a resolution about the independence of the media, to coincide with the World Press Freedom Day, which is celebrated today.


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