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Portugal: euthanasia, 4 bills in Parliament. Radio Renascenca, “civilization going backwards”

The debate on euthanasia in Portugal takes place in political fora and extends to the media. “Publico” features two “opinions”: the first, by Miguel Tavares who believes that “regulating public life on the basis of individual beliefs is a totalitarian tic that can only occur in a land without a single drop of liberal culture”. Mr Tavares also believes that “230 MPs who were not elected to this purpose can certainly not decide” on whether euthanasia should be decriminalised, and maintains that “euthanasia deserves a wider debate”. The second “opinion” in “Publico” is by Andre Silva who instead believes that “goodness cannot be a crime punishable with the death penalty” and that “there has been enough room for debate and reflection”. Mr Silva also argues that “it is not true that all pains are curable”, as those who believe that “palliative care is the solution to all cases” often say. “Suffering is a personal experience”. The “opening statement” on the website of Radio Renascenca reads: “The legalization of euthanasia is not a political, social or cultural issue. It is rather our civilization going backwards, as we make the weaker dependent on the stronger, and put the most vulnerable in the hands of those who think they own the lives of others”.

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