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EU Commission: #DiscoverEu website operating to make 15 thousand 18-year-olds travel throughout the Continent

#DiscoverEu website has been operating from yesterday. From 12 June to 26 June, it will be possible to submit applications to get one of the 15 thousand inter-rail passes available to as many 18-year-olds (born from 2 July 1999 to 1 July 2000) intending to discover Europe. It is a pilot project launched by the European Commission on proposal by the Parliament, to give 18-year-olds in the 28 EU countries the opportunity to experiment “free circulation, to understand Europe diversity in a better way, to enjoy its cultural heritage, to make new friends, and finally, to know oneself better”, it is said at the site of the initiative. One will have to submit his or her application, passing “5 questions on the European Year of cultural heritage, and EU initiatives in favour of youth”; then, there will be a few questions meant to make the final ranking. If you are selected, your journey will be by train, apart from people living in islands or in outlying European regions, from 9 July to 30 September 2018, and will last 30 days at most. All the other expenses connected with the journey will be up to the person selected. It will also be possible to apply in groups – 5 persons at most. For this pilot stage of the project, 12 million euros were allocated by the Commission; in case of money left after this first stage, a second stage will be set up in autumn 2018.





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