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Portugal: Guimarães (Medical Society), euthanasia, assisted suicide and futile medical care “deny the essence of the medical profession”

A few days after the discussion of four bills of law about the decriminalisation of assisted suicide and euthanasia at the Portuguese Parliament on April 29th, the current president of the Medical Society, Miguel Guimarães, took position against this potential legal change, and, in a 5-point document, he condemned euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide as well as futile medical care, as practices that “deny the essence of the medical profession”. The Statement, which was delivered by a delegation of the Medical Society to the Head of State yesterday, also says that, “under no circumstances and under no excuses can society try to push doctors to infringe their Code of Conduct and their commitment to life and to suffering people”. As relayed by the news agency Ecclesia, it seems that this morning the president, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, heard the religious communities (Catholic, Evangelical, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Baptist and Adventist Orthodox), which published a joint statement against the legalisation of euthanasia a few days ago. In Lisbon today, a rally has been planned in front of the Parliament’s HQ by “Stop euthanasia”, a civic movement that fights to start a debate for keeping people informed. Its manifesto lists “10 reasons not to accept the legalisation of euthanasia in Portugal”.

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