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Politics: Card. Bassetti, “it is not enough to have a government to lead the country”. “European dimension” and “principles of public ethics are integral part of our culture”

“We remind everyone that it is not enough to have a government to be able to lead the country”. Card. Bassetti said this at the beginning of his speech, inspired by current affairs. “It is necessary to truly know the country, to know and respect its history and identity”, he warned all political parties, on the second day of the CEI assembly: “It is necessary to know the world in which we live and in which our Republic – co-founder of a united Europe – wants to continue to honour its responsibilities as a free, democratic and solidarity-based country”. “Even our Church has a broad European dimension and those who see our brother priests know that the Churches in Europe are looking for ideas and enthusiasm to sustain and promote the growth of a public ethics”, the President of the CEI underlined, recalling that “these principles are an integral part of our culture”. “We want to make a real contribution to these principles, for we know that – as I said earlier this year – now is the time for us to rebuild hope, to heal the country, to pacify society”, Card. Bassetti stated, urging everyone to distance themselves from “disenchantment, arrogance and the moral sloppiness surrounding us”. “Let us distance ourselves from our own sloth”, another invitation: “Let us do so in the name of the Gospel and always with a smile and in a low voice. And we will share the journey with many good, sincere and honest people”.



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