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Australia: the bishops about condemnation of Wilson, “children’s safety is the first priority for the Church and its ministers”

“The safety of children and vulnerable adults is the first priority for the Church and its ministers”: this has been reiterated in a release issued today by mgr. Mark Coleridge, archbishop of Brisbane, president of the Australian Bishops Conference, following the condemnation of Philip Wilson, charged with covering child sex abuse. “Archbishop Philip Wilson – the Bishops Conference’s release states – was found guilty of not having informed the police about allegations of child sex abuse. Archbishop Wilson pleaded not guilty during this long lawsuit. It’s not clear yet whether he will appeal against the ruling”. Having said that, the Australian bishops insist on their position, in the light of the publication of the Australian Royal Commission report about the official responses to sex abuse and the ensuing recommendations. “The Catholic Church as well as other institutions – the Australian bishops write today – have learned a lot about the tragedy of child sex abuse and have implemented stronger programmes, policies and procedures to protect children and vulnerable adults”.
Philip Wilson is the archbishop of Adelaide. The city has recently been chosen by the Australian Catholic Church to host a “Plenary Assembly” in 2020, which will bring in hundreds of Catholic leaders from all over the country, to discuss the future of the Australian Church, “its mission in a changing, evolving society”. The sentence against archbishop Wilson comes after the other big affair of cardinal George Pell, also sent to trial for sex abuse.





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