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UK: the country commemorates the Manchester terrorist attack. Anglican and Catholic celebrations. Mgr. Arnold, “rebuilding the community”


Manchester, along with the rest of the UK, mourns and commemorates the terrorist attack that happened at the Arena, during Ariana Grande’s concert, one year ago, in which 22 people died and over 800 were injured. Tomorrow, at 02:30 pm, a minute’s silence will be observed all over the country as well as in the city’s Anglican Cathedral, during a service attended by the victims’ families, the survivors, and the nurses, doctors and policemen who tried to rescue them first. The memorial service will also be broadcast in the Cathedrals of York, Liverpool and Glasgow. Mass for the victims will be officiated in the Catholic Cathedral of Salford by the bishop, John Arnold, tomorrow night, while Albert Square, where the city had gathered after the attack, will be hosting a crowd that will be singing to commemorate the attack. Tomorrow’s day will end with all the city’s bells ringing. “Hopefully, the efforts we have made in the last year to rebuild our community will go on”, John Arnold, Catholic bishop, said. Tomorrow will also be the fifth anniversary of serviceman Lee Rigby’s death. His widow, Rebecca, along with relatives of victims of terrorist attacks, signed an open letter on the Sunday paper “Observer”, in which they ask the public to play a key role in the fight against terrorism.


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