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New cardinals: mgr. De Donatis (vicar of Rome), “called to live the martyrdom of charity more deeply”

“The thought that most helps me is that of keeping offering life for the good of our Church in Rome, of our diocese. And, therefore, of experiencing greater and greater charity”. This was said last night by the Pope’s vicar for the diocese of Rome, mgr. Angelo De Donatis, who will be made cardinal by Pope Francis on June 29th. “It came as a surprise, I was driving when I learnt it. I was back from a visit to a parish in Rome, Sant’Attanasio sulla Tiburtina”, he told. Then in the afternoon he officiated Mass at the Santuario del Divino Amore for the diocesan family meeting, where he spoke of the red cardinal vestments he will receive as a “gift I accept with goodness”, “of a call to live the martyrdom of charity more deeply in everyday life”.

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