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Austria: Mgr. Landau (Caritas), “Whit Monday expresses transition between Easter and everyday life”


The President of Caritas Austria, Mgr. Michael Landau, has called for social responsibility, the common good and concern for the most vulnerable, as a responsibility not just of the central State, but also of the Churches. Pope Francis has given fundamental guidelines in his document “Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones” on economic and financial ethics, Mgr. Landau said in his homily at St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna today to mark the celebration of “Pfingstmontag”, Whit Monday, a religious and public holiday that is typical of the Germanic world. Whit Monday, Mgr. Landau stressed, is a sign of good Church-State coexistence in Austria, and fully expresses “the transition between Easter and everyday life”: for the prelate, the Feast shows “that work is for man, not vice versa”. Mgr. Landau also recalled the joyful concurrence of the universal Church celebrating Whit Monday, for the first time today, as a memorial of “Mary, Mother of the Church”, instituted by Pope Francis. For Mgr. Landau, this is a “declaration of the equal dignity of women” in memory of Mary, the “woman who spent her entire life cherishing the Word of God”. Mgr. Landau was pleased to comment on the recent federal and state agreement on the financing of long-term care, highlighting the need for quality care at affordable prices in the areas of family, hospice and palliative care.





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