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Germany: media, youth and religion, new book entitled “Hallelujah, how I tried to understand the Catholic Church”

Between April 2016 and May 2017, a young atheist journalist from Berlin, Valerie Schönian, has been following a priest in Münster, Franziskus von Boeselager, describing his daily life in words, pictures and videos in a blog entitled “Valerie and the Priest” which has been defined as “one of the most successful online initiatives of the Catholic Church”, with 60,000 readers per month and up to a million social network users. Launched by the Centre for Youth Pastoral Care of the German Bishops’ Conference, the project was turned into a book that has just been released. In “Hallelujah, how I tried to understand the Catholic Church”, Valerie Schönian relives her experience in 360 pages and seven chapters; in the epilogue, she also speaks of Fr. Franziskus. The project of the pastoral care of vocations in Germany entitled “God offsides” is also in full swing: two young journalists, Timm Giesber and Christina Hertel, have continued to describe the lives of nuns and priests who commit themselves to the service of the most vulnerable and marginalized in society. Timm has followed Sister Karin Knötig in her work with the homeless. While Christina has recently written about her experience with Luiz Fernando Braz, a young consecrated man who works in a community for the rehabilitation of drug addicts in the Allgäu region.

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