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Malta: a workshop on the causes of poverty. “Creating a people-friendly society and economy”

A workshop to “find the causes of poverty” and reflect on how “to create a people-friendly society and economy”: this is what the Justice and Peace Commission and the Dominican Province of Malta will be organising in Floriana on May 19th. In this way, the organisers wish to “help raise awareness of the complex problem of poverty”, not least in response to Pope Francis’s appeals. As they presented the workshop, which is also a call to reflect, they stated that “the key goal of politics is not economic growth at all costs, it is economic growth to serve every human being, especially the most vulnerable ones”, and economy, in its own way, “must serve everyone’s interest, not just the interests of an elite, in which some live in luxury and others do not have enough to meet the basic needs of a dignified life”. The organisers explain: “A country shows how developed and free it is not only through its economic growth, but through the way it cares for the poor, the way it strives to give them a dignified life, not letting them depend on other people’s help and generosity to live”.

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