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The State of the Union: Juncker (EU Commission), “solidarity is built day after day”. “Being full-time Europeans”

“Staying loyal to the supportive spirit”, which is the “original, constant goal of the European construction process”, though “not being naïve” because solidarity “is built day after day”. This is the warning made by the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker, as he spoke at the State of the Union conference that is taking place in Palazzo Vecchio, in Florence. “When everything is fine or almost fine, solidarity is clear”, but, when faced with Europe’s poly-crisis, it falls apart”, and “the resentments that have reappeared have laid at the feet of populisms and nationalisms the material they needed to dismantle solidarity”. Junker meant the economic and financial crisis, but he lingered above all on the migrant crisis: “I have been shocked at the rips and cracks that have appeared in solidarity after the migrant crisis”, he stated, then he praised, as he has done many times before, Italy and Greece for “saving the face of the European Union in the Mediterranean Sea”. President Junker then called for an “extra dose of solidarity” and wished for a Europe in which all countries will be “full-time Europeans”, always there, “with the right dose of Europe”, and no country will be “part-time European” or occasionally on leave. As to the migrant crisis, Junker went back to the reform of the Dublin Regulation: the EU Commission has submitted a reform plan: “Hope the EU Council will hurry up”.

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