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Scotland: mgr. Tartaglia, fake news may fuel hatred and conflict. “Rediscovering the truth within ourselves”

(London) How to defend oneself from fake news spread by social networks, and how to live a life of truth: this is the subject of the message issued by the archbishop of Glasgow, Philip Tartaglia, president of the Scottish Bishops Conference and director of the communication department, to coincide with the Wold Communications Day celebrated on Sunday May 13th. “The ability to distort the truth is a human weakness that we see in action in the spreading of fake news”, this is what archbishop Tartaglia wrote to the five hundred Catholic parishes of Scotland. “Such misinformation may discredit and demonise people by fuelling hatred and conflict. Deep discernment is required to understand how that can happen and to avoid falseness”. In his message, the president of the Scottish Bishops Conference, quoting also the words used by Pope Francis on World Communications Day, explains that “for Christianity the truth is not just a conceptual fact that concerns the way we judge things when we define them as good or bad, it is rather a lifestyle that affects every area of our humanity”. “We discover and rediscover the truth when we experience it within ourselves, in the loyalty and reliability of He who loves us”, goes on archbishop Tartaglia, calling the Scottish journalists to be loyal to the truth and promote peace.

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