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Austria: two websites aimed at pilgrims with faith routes stretching over 3,500-kilometres and cross-border routes

The Austrian Church, in cooperation with the Ministry for Tourism, has launched a new website featuring dates and events for pilgrims throughout Austria: it will complement the newly redesigned website, with over 3,500 kilometres of routes for individual pilgrims, families, and parish and diocesan communities. Information is provided about the numerous pilgrimage routes to the “Magna Mater Austriae” (the Great Mother of Austria) in Mariazell, and about the many paths leading to Santiago de Compostela from Austria. Of great importance, for instance, is the Hemmapilgerwege, the network comprising Carinthia, Styria and Slovenian Carinthia, for pilgrimages to the tomb of Patron Saint Emma of Gurk, who is buried in the cathedral of the Carinthian town; the Wolfgangweg, a path leading from the Bavarian city of Regensburg to the Shrine of St Wolfgang, on the lake named after the Saint in the Salzburg region, which can also be reached from other German territories via the Via Nova. The website also provides useful indications for cross-border pilgrimages along the Martinsweg, the route that crosses Eisenstadt and Germany from Hungary and leads to Tours, France, where soldier Saint Martin, who was born in Pannonia, is buried. A description is provided for each pilgrimage route together with contact details, useful links and a photo gallery. So far, the calendar on the website shows 40 upcoming pilgrimages until September.

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