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Spain: Day for Life on Monday 9th April. The Bishops, “may the State support and promote the role of families”


On Monday, 9th April, the Spanish Bishops Conference will celebrate a “Day for Life”. “Educating to receive the gift of life” is the theme of the event, which looks at families mainly as at “the place in which we learn the value and the holy dignity of every human life, unconditionally loved by God, unique and unrepeatable, whatever its abilities or the circumstances in which it is”, the Family Committee Bishops write in a letter. In the document, the Bishops also write that “the State must support and promote the role of families, so that they can welcome and take care of their members”, and must enable families “to accomplish their mission, which is cherishing, showing and transmitting love”. Monday’s highlights will be the Eucharist and the prayer vigil for life, officiated by card. Carlos Osoro, archbishop of Madrid, in the Church of St Isidro. During the celebration, there will be the “sending off” of the volunteers who work in the defence of life. That’s why all the “people who, in their communities, serve life by taking care of pregnant mothers, old, sick, vulnerable or disabled people, abused women, families in need” are invited to the vigil.


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