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Court of Human Rights: Strasbourg, Annual Report. Over 3,000 cases closed. Appeals concern detention, trials, medical care, ill-treatment


(Strasbourg) In 2017, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) closed a record number of 3,691 cases, leaving 7,584 pending cases. This is according to the Annual Report for 2017 published by the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers, which oversees the implementation of ECHR judgements. There has been a 24% decrease in the number of outstanding cases (they were 11,000 in 2012), thanks to “on-going reforms, improved cooperation with national authorities and changes to the policy for closing cases”. The Court’s work was also streamlined thanks to the “significant progress” made by a number of countries in improving “the actions of the police and the security forces, the efficiency of the judiciary and poor conditions of detention”. Italy, with its 2,001 closed cases, is the country that ranks first, followed by Hungary with 296 closed cases, and the Russian Federation with 254. As for pending cases, it is Russia that tops the list with 1,698 cases, followed by Turkey with 1,446, Ukraine with 1,156, and Romania with 553. Norway, Luxembourg and Andorra are the only countries with no appeals to the Court in 2017. Appeals to the Court usually concern “actions of security forces” (17%), “conditions of detention and medical care” (14%), “lawfulness of detention” (11%), protection against ill-treatment (10%), and the length of judicial proceedings (8%). The Committee of Ministers will continue to work to “provide timely redress to applicants and to prevent repetitive cases”.



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