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Pope Francis: audience, “Let us say Happy Easter to our beloved Pope Benedict”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“I would like us all to say ‘Happy Easter’ to the former Bishop of Rome, our beloved Pope Benedict, who is following us on television. Let us all say Happy Easter to Pope Benedict, and give him a big round of applause!”. Pope Francis said this in his general audience catechesis today, which he started off the cuff. “Good morning and Happy Easter!”, Pope Francis began, addressing the 20,000 faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square despite the rain: “You see that there are flowers today, and flowers speak of joy, happiness”, he continued, referring to the Easter decorations still on the square, and recalling that “in some places, Easter is called Blossoming Easter, because it is the flourishing of the Risen Christ, the new flower. Our justification blooms, the holiness of the Church blooms. This is why we have so many flowers. It is our joy!”. “We celebrate Easter all week long, for the entire week”, the Pope recalled, always speaking off the cuff: “This is why we greet one another once again with a joyful Happy Easter”. All of us, let us say again: ‘Happy Easter’”. Then he invited the faithful to say Happy Easter to Pope Benedict.

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