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Poland: European Federation of Catholic Family Associations supports the citizens’ initiative #StopAbortion

Brussels) The European Federation of Catholic Family Associations (Fafce) gives again its “full support” to the Polish citizens’ initiative #StopAbortion (“Zatrzymaj Aborcje”) to have a law to ban eugenic abortion, supported by 830 thousand signatures. Against “rising international and media pressure”, Fafce “reasserts the principle of subsidiarity and the right to life for all human beings”, especially the “weaker and voiceless among us, like those unborn children affected by disease or foetal abnormalities”. Fafce also welcomes the “pro-life plan” enforced in Poland last year to “give financial support “to the birth of a child with disabilities or a serious disease”. Likewise, “by adopting the #StopAbortion bill of law”, Poland will set “the example for all of Europe”. The UN Committee on the rights of persons with disabilities has recently stated that “the laws that expressly authorise abortion due to a disabled foetus breach the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities”. There are “parents who silently, far from the sensations of the media and street protests, take care of and raise children with diseases” and who “do not need a State that would have prevented their children being born, but need a State that respects life in all its stages and in all situations, by supporting research to fight disease and improve the quality of life”.

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