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Venezuela: Bishops’ call on government leaders, “may they find solution to the plagues that are affecting the population”

A call on the “country’s government leaders and rulers”, that they become aware “of the responsibilities they have for all these plagues, that they may listen to the population”, and they may work, “with the help and support of private companies, including the brother countries”, to “check hyperinflation and help find political solutions” to such “plagues, before they spiral our of control and into painful destruction and death”. It has been made today by the Venezuelan Bishops in a release about the “political and humanitarian crisis” – which they have given a preview of to SIR – in which they report, again, the consequences (hyperinflation, hunger, unemployment, lack of drugs, epidemics, emigration) and ask to postpone the president’s election, due on May 20th this year, “to the last quarter of the year”. Otherwise, they point out, “it could aggravate” the country’s situation and “bring the country into an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe”. The Bishops remind all Venezuelans that “right now it is not just a matter of one more speech” or “the temporary worsening of a people’s quality of life, it is the life of the country as a free, fraternal, democratic nation, that is at stake now”. “With the strength of faith – they conclude – and the support of hope, brave, assertive, supportive decisions can be taken, and this deathly story can take a different tack”.

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