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Spain: Msgr. Gil Tamayo (Bishops Conference), “I rejoice because the ETA terror organisation dissolved”

“I rejoice because the ETA terror organisation dissolved. It caused much pain and suffering to the whole Spanish society”, using violence, which is always “evil, and in this case perverse, too”; it “was a burden in the democratic history of our people”. Those words were spoken by Secretary General of the Spanish Bishops’ Conference José María Gil Tamayo, who started his press conference in Madrid, this morning, to illustrate the works of the plenary assembly. He commented the news appearing in “Beria and Gara” today, according to which ETA acknowledged “the damage and the suffering caused by the armed struggle” over the years. “By recalling victims and their families in a special way”, Gil Tamayo pointed out that “their suffering does not stop with a declaration by those who caused pain and violence”: “We hope that this news will foster reconciliation”, which is something “more difficult, harder, longer, and needing a lot of generosity”. Gil Tamayo’s hope is for “a reconciled society and social cohesion, in the Basque country as well as in the hearts of the relatives of the victims”. Terrorism “is a pervert action, and nothing can justify the death of innocent persons, in this case, a long list of innocent people”. In the name of the bishops, Father Gil Tamayo welcomed “the victory of democracy”: “A democratic country and legality give room to the expression of one’s ideas, respecting others”. And he added: “It is a day to thank God. The Church will go on helping to foster life in common in the Basque country, and in the whole Spanish society”.

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