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UK: plenary meeting of the Bishops Conference. Ad limina visit, Synod on Young People, Eucharistic congress in Liverpool, on the agenda

(London) An ad limina visit in late September, the Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool, the Synod on Young People in October, and the re-dedication of England to the Virgin. These are the most important items on the agenda that will be discussed by the bBshops of England and Wales in their plenary meeting in Leeds, which will end on Friday with a press conference. “The visit to Rome is important, because it is the first one in many years and will help the Bishops learn more about the new departments”, a spokesperson of the Bishops Conference explains. “There has been an update on the Eucharistic Congress, due to take place in Liverpool from September 7th to 9th, and it is a key event for our Church. Bishop Robert Barron will come from Los Angeles to speak at the Arena Liverpool on Saturday before the adoration. Then, on Sunday, two Solemn Masses in the Cathedral, officiated by Malcolm McMahon, the archbishop, and by Vincent Nichols, the cardinal”. The “Adoremus” will end with a procession with the Most Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Liverpool, to commemorate that time in 1908, when, at the last congress, such celebration was banned. This week, the Bishops’ agenda will include the issue of transgender people. A declaration with the guiding principles of the Church is expected to be issued by the end of the week, addressed to the about five million Catholics of England and Wales. “Such issue is widely discussed by the media, and many Catholics asked the Bishops to take position about it”, the spokesperson explains.

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