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Germany: archbishop Koch and Caritas Kostka, director of Karitas, attend a nursing internship at old people’s home

“Today, archbishop Heiner Koch and the director of Caritas, Ulrike Kostka, completed a nursing internship at the St. Konrad old people’s Caritas Centre in Berlin-Oberschöneweide”. This is an official release from the archdiocese of Berlin, which relays some comments made at the end of an afternoon, when, under the supervision of some nurses, “Koch and Kostka have experienced everyday life in a geriatric home” to learn about “the experiences and challenges of the nursing profession”.
“Taking care of others requires much higher social priority and recognition. What nurses do every day is a precious, essential service to people”, the archbishop stated after what has been named “a short internship”, during which mgr. Koch washed feet, learnt to make beds, assisted old people in their treatments. In the archbishop’s words, a mention of the fact that “today’s elderly people have built our country”, that’s why “healthcare costs” should not only be borne by old people and their families, but “all of society should be involved”. At the end of the visit, a few comments on the need to “double up the professional resources for geriatric care in Berlin”, as proposed by councillor Dilek Kolat. To do this, Caritas proposed grants to enable assistant nurses to attend courses in geriatric care.

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