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Montenegro: Djukanovic elected president in the first round. Podgorica stays in the wake of the European Union

In the first election since Montenegro’s joining NATO, the announced winner is the leader of the Social Democratic Party that is currently ruling the country (Dps), Milo Djukanovic, who received 53.8% of the votes. “The result is proof of Montenegro’s firm will to go on with the European process, so that its citizens may have a European quality of life and achieve full membership of the EU”, the new president, elected at the first round, said. He was followed, a long way down, by the opposition’s nominee, the pro-Russian Mladen Bojanic, with 33.5% of the votes, while the only woman, Draginja Vuksanovic, of the Socialist Party came third, with 8.3%. About 64% of Montenegro’s population went to the polls yesterday, 10% less than in the last parliamentary election but more than in 2013 presidential election. That’s why the headlines on Montenegro’s newspaper Vijesti went like this: “Djukanovic into power for another five years but many voters stayed home”. Podgorica’s strongman, Djukanovic and his party have been ruling Montenegro for about 30 years, duding which the new president has been six times prime minister and once president of the Republic. And, as the international agencies name him as the party’s nominee who turned his back to Russia by taking the country to join NATO, the newspaper Blic writes: “Whether a politician or a leader, Milo Djukanovic is the greatest Montenegrin after King Nicholas” and also compared him to the founder of Yugoslavia, Tito. Also according to Vijesti, though, Djukanovic was less successful on the Adriatic coast, while he was a big hit in Podgorica.

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